A-May-Sing 2018- Songs of War and Peace

In May, five years after our milestone Sing for Victory concert, the time had come to revisit some of the songs we’d learned and dig out our pencil skirts or wartime hats. Rather than do all the same songs we decided to incorporate the anniversary of the end of World War One, and also to sing some of the protest songs written since that time. Songs of War and Peace was born.

For the first time, we struggled to find suitable venues for our two main events, so after juggling the days we managed to book the Stanley Institute in Burscough. As we’ve done so many times since that first concert, we threw the afternoon open to local care homes, welcoming in many residents and carers to join us for a free afternoon event, then we sold tickets to our friends and families for the evening concert. As we got nearer to the event tickets became very precious as we sold out, so there were a lot changing hands between choir members.
Before the main event we took the concert to Henshaw’s for their approval, as always! We had a brilliant evening and even the football on at the Thatch couldn’t dampen our spirits….

Then finally our D-Day came. Just like the first wartime concert, the blitz spirit was strong as the whole choir rallied to sort out uniforms, table decorations, bunting, raffle prizes and tea, ensuring all the care homes had a brilliant time. The room and the choir looked amazing, and the audience we very appreciative as they arrived.

The choir kicked off the event with the World War Two classic Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree, but not before Mrs Mop had made an appearance to conduct the choir! The youth choir and audience joined us for a rousing chorus of Daisy Bell, and then the Paul McCartney classic Pipes of Peace kicked off the songs of peace, including the first appearance of the kazoos. Eurovision Winner A Little Peace was ReFresh’s first song, part of which they very ably sang in German, and the choir carried the theme with the haunting Scarborough Fair/ Canticle. Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On, led by Shaun, was a change in pace, taking us into the protest era of sixties, and ReFresh brought us bang up to date with the Ed Sheeran classic What Do I Know, before the sixties returned with I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing The second of the songs from the original Sing for Victory set was a mix of the war time classics Keep the Home Fires Burning and the White Cliffs of Dover, which proved very emotional as mid song the choir gave every member of the audience a beautiful handmade poppy, which had all been created by the choir and their friends. The first half finished with the uplifting and dramatic This Is Me, featuring solos from Therese and Harriet.
After a welcome cup of tea the second half began with ReMix and the Pete Seegar song Turn Turn Turn. The boys followed with the Farm’s All Together Now, with solos by Austin and Tommy telling of the famous Christmas Truce in World War One, and the girls added their voices with the Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, complete with fantastic dancing from Paul and Sandra. The youth choir and audience again joined in for a three way Pack Up Your Troubles, Tipperary and Run Rabbit extravaganza, after which we boarded the lively Chatanooga Choo Choo. Paul took the lead on the Housemartin’s version of the Isley’s Caravan of Love, which had some complicated clapping in the second half, then the Youth Choir came back for the second McCartney number (and the second kazoo number!) We All Stand Together. The youth choir sang their final number, The Call, complete with some beautiful dancing in the middle, and then the choir raised the roof with Bridge Over Troubled Water. Finally we drew the evening to a close by taking things back to the beginning, World War One, with the stirring Keep Right On to the End of the Road, accompanied by Tim on Trumpet.
The audience had a wonderful afternoon, many were very moved by the songs we’d chosen, and all were delighted to have been invited to join us.
A quick turn around and a chippy tea meant we were soon ready to go again as Mrs Mop kicked off the evening. A full- to- capacity hall and an invigorated choir meant we sang our hearts out, and friends and family were proud to join in. Again they were given a beautiful poppy, and again many were moved. Tea in the interval was replaced by drinks from the bar but other than that the events were the same and we were so proud to be able to sing the songs again for the evening concert.
It was a wonderful day, and we all felt very proud and happy.


Past Events

A-May-Sing- DecAid

The Road to Rio

June Tunes
June Tunes @ Hatherlow
June Tunes @ Henshaws

June Tunes
June Tunes @ Henshaws

Sing for Victory… at Sunshine!
Sing for Victory- Press Release
Sing for Victory- Preview

Scarisbrick Village Hall by Robert Law
Curry Leaf Cottage by Jan Thomas
Curry Leaf Cottage by Georgia Lloyd

In a field!

Red Lion, Newburgh

2017 ————————————

A-May-Sing 2017- DecAid

On Saturday 13th May the choir decided to show off the songs they’d already learned for the tenth birthday concert. And what better audience to invite than our lovely friends from the care homes! As always, the numbers were changing right up to the end as they tried to juggle staffing and illness, but we ended up with about sixty enthusiastic residents and staff joining us at Ormskirk Civic Hall.
The choir pulled out all the stops for our special guests, and the hall looked amazing with fresh flowers, bunting, table decorations and programmes brightening up the setting.
I won’t give away the secrets of the birthday set, but we added a few crowd pleasing sing a long numbers from the Beatles to Cliff Richard to which the audience sang along with enthusiasm and actions. Then during the interval the audience were treated to an incredible array of cakes baked lovingly by the choir, which were much appreciated by everyone (including several of the choir!)
Everyone enjoyed the exciting and emotional afternoon and we look forward to seeing them all again at Christmas. Thank you to everyone who helped make the day such a success.

2016 ————————————

June Tunes 2016- The Road to Rio

This year we were delighted that out June Tunes concert would be underpinned by funding from the National Lottery. Our season began with a training day at the newly refurbished Civic Hall, where training from everything in basic music notation to the finer details of the new sound desk ran alongside an amazing session with the Alzheimer’s Society. We ended the day with a lovely social evening together.

The first outing of our new Olympic themed set took us, of course, to Henshaw’s. A beautiful warm evening saw us singing to the enthusiastic residents as we flew off to distant shores to compete in a variety of strenuous events, cycling, running, swimming, jumping, and of course Kung Foo, before awarding ourselves Gold for our efforts. We had a brilliant evening but also realised that our set, whilst containing the same number of items, was significantly longer than previous events!
Saturday saw us back at the Toby for the first of our public outings. Originally planned to be at the Civic Hall, the Toby kindly stepped in when the Civic’s future was uncertain at the beginning of the year. The size of the room meant we had to split the concert into two session, allowing the care homes time to get the guests in and out in between. Sadly, the severe weather brought flooding to a couple of our homes who were unable to join us, but those that made it had a wonderful afternoon singing and dancing along with us. All the training we’d had with the Alzheimer’s Society helped a confident choir to chat happily with the guests, and the tea and coffee went down a treat.
The next on our list was another Wednesday- this time at the brilliant Hatherlow House in Southport. We reduced the set slightly, only adding one which was a final request of It’s a Long Way to Tipperary. We decided it was close enough to our Olympic Theme to be able to get away with it! Afterwards in the garden, Cheryl gave us all the lovely new uniform jackets that we’d been able to purchase with the lottery grant, and a very smart choir set off for the evening!
Finally the big day dawned, and a quiet, freshly mown field at the back of Scarisbrick Village Hall was gradually transformed, with gazebos and flags, goal posts and wellies, into a Summer Fair fit for an Olympic concert. Every member of the choir worked so hard to make an amazing day for our family and friends. The weather was glorious, and the burgers and sausages were grilled to perfection. It truly was a beautiful afternoon, building and strengthening friendships and community, just as we’d intended. In fact, it was a Perfect Day!

2015 ————————————

June Tunes 2015

One day… two concerts… ten hours… thirty dancers… fifty choir members… and almost three hundred people watching… yes, June Tunes was once again an incredible, exciting, exhausting, exhilarating day!

The theme for this year was America so our songs were drawn from all the corners of the states. A couple of weeks before the big day we took our show to Hatherlow House, a care home specialising in caring for couples when one of them has Alzheimer’s. Squeezed into their café we had a chance to sing through most of the new set, and were pleased with the response we got. A few more rehearsals took us to Henshaws, where on a sweltering hot evening we performed the whole set, and were very impressed to see people up on their feet dancing to the Elvis numbers and New York New York!

Then finally the day dawned, and the choir headed to Ormskirk School, where the lovely Dave and Chris had been for hours setting up the rigging and stage area. The tables were quickly transformed and the hall decorated with countless stars and stripes thanks to Sarah and her team. Ormskirk School of Dance were our guests again this year, and they went first with sound check, followed by the choir ironing out last minute technical questions and complicated exchanges of microphones.
Our special guests from all the local care homes, organised with unfailing patience by Cathy, started to arrive very early, as minibuses were sent back and forth between homes to fetch people. The choir once again proved themselves to be excellent hosts and worked hard to make their guests feel welcome. Peter did a fantastic job on the door, juggling unexpected arrivals and seat numbers to fit everyone in. Then finally we were ready to start!

As everyone wanted to sing West Side Story, Joanna had invited her friend Charles to come and play the piano for us. He did an excellent job of staying with us, and the medley went very well. We also heard the first of what were to be many excellent soloists and small groups taking their courage in their hands and singing a line or section on their own. We followed this with The Rose, and Georgia which had been a nightmare in rehearsals but came together on the day. The choir then departed the stage to make way for the younger dancers performing a fantastic number to Shakira and Beyonce- definitely a step into 21st Century America! Reflect went next with the Java Jive, followed by the boys first number, Jailhouse Rock which had everyone tapping their toes. Another Elvis number, I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You allowed everyone to join in with the words up on the screen, and the choir quickly followed this with a beautiful Eagles song, Take it to the Limit. The lively Dancing in the Street led us into Route 66 and a selection of California based songs, from the Mamas and the Papas to Katy Perry! The powerful Steal Away was beautifully performed by the choir, and the first half ended with R Kelly’s I Believe I Can Fly.

The interval saw the choir bringing tea, coffee and home made lemon drizzle cake to the tables, thanks to Elsie and her team, and while this was going on, the raffle, organised so well by Fran, was drawn. Around forty prizes were given away, from knitted toys lovingly made by Rita, Cheryl’s mum, to the countless biscuits, sweets and drinks that the choir had generously given.

The second half launched in dramatic style with One Voice, followed by a little Disney Trio- Colours of the Wind, When you Wish Upon a Star, and Let it Go from the huge hit Frozen. The choir once again left to allow the Adult Tap Class from Ormskirk School of Dance to take the stage, performing a lively and exciting routine to Get Ready and Papa L’Americano. The boys followed this with the more sedate Laurel and Hardy’s Trail of the Lonesome Pine, with Mark taking the hit to bump them back up into their falsetto! Reflect continued the theme with a trio of cartoons, The Flintstones, Happy Days and The Pink Panther, then the choir came back for a bit of Beach Boys- Surfin’ USA and In My Room- followed by the Jackson Five classic, I’ll Be There. The whole concert was rounded off in spectacular style with New York, New York- audience and choir singing along together!

After accepting endless lovely comments from the audience, the choir helped them all to get away safely and very quickly turned the tables ready for the evening performance. The musicians, who have worked so hard to learn all the music for the set, ironed out one or two hitches and cues ready for the evening performance. A shared tea allowed us all a little down time before we were rapidly on our feet again, welcoming even more guests for the evening. The choir were in fine voice, relaxed and happy, and performed the songs the best they’ve ever been sung. The raffle in the middle had fewer prizes but of a large, hamper style, and were presented to the delighted winners. Coffee and tea were once again served by a tireless choir, and the second half rounded off the evening in style. All hands on deck ensured that clear up happened very quickly, and we all went off home with tired feet but happy hearts!

2014 ————————————

June Tunes!

On Saturday 14th June, 2014 the choir gathered for a very special event at Ormskirk School. Even without the benefit of the BBC grant we had last year, the choir were keen to be able to hold a concert for the care homes who had so enjoyed the previous years’ event. We made the decision that if we were going to hire and set up a hall, we would do two events on the same day- a free afternoon performance for the homes and a ticketed evening performance for our friends and families- our first ever matinee!
It was all hands on deck to decorate the hall under Sarah H’s watchful eye, although we were very blessed to have Dave and Chris as our sound guys, meaning that most of the preparation in that area was already done for us. A very quick sound check, and the homes began to arrive, and once again the choir threw themselves with gusto into the role of host, chatting with the guests at their tables and providing them with water. The concert began, and the delight of the residents was plain to see, many sang along and one or two were even up dancing.
The set was a mixture of songs from film and stage, so the songs were very well known, and interspersed with film clips, from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid leaping into a river, to Sammy Davis Jr delivering his ten commandments in Sweet Charity.
The interval saw Elsie and her team swing into action to provide everyone in the hall with a hot drink and a piece of delicious homemade lemon cake.
We finished the afternoon with a sing a long from the Sound of Music, and everyone left in great spirits.

We then had an hour to turn the room around and grab ourselves something to eat, before the evening guests began to turn up. We’ve never done two shows on the same day, and it was interesting to see that the choir were able to keep up their energy levels, although I think we all flagged the next day! The evening concert was just as good as the afternoon, and it was lovely to have the opportunity to thank our family and friends, without whose support we would not have had the money to put on the show in the afternoon.
It was an absolutely fabulous day, and one which we’re sure to be repeating next year. Our next show is in September, called Sunshine! and featuring the highlights of seven years of the choir’s music… the best of ReSound!

June Tunes @ Henshaw’s

On Wednesday 11th June the choir were pleased to preview their June Tunes set at our usual welcoming venue- Henshaw’s. As well as a wonderful new set, the choir also had wonderful new uniforms, courtesy of Burscough Parish Council and the Ministry of Defence who provided us with grants to pay for them. Red polo shirts emblazoned with the ReSound logo looked both smart and fun, and the choir looked brilliant. Thank you to the Parish Council, the MOD, Debbie at EStudio Burscough for printing them and our own lovely Cheryl for organising it all!

A-May-Sing 2014- June Tunes!

Breaking news… once again, A-May-Sing is not in May!!
After the incredible event we had last year, we were determined to stage something similar, even without the benefit of a large grant from the BBC, so we have pooled all our pennies and hired the amazing performance space at Ormskirk School for an all-day extravaganza. For the first time ever our choir will be performing two shows on the same day. The matinee is a free performance, and once again the guests will all be invited from local care homes and other groups in the area. We are so excited to be able to do this again, and many of the residents in the care homes are already talking about the day. Then in the evening the doors will be thrown open to our lovely family, friends and other supporters to join us. The tickets sold for this event will enable us to pay for the day time event… talk about living on the edge!
And the music? Well this year we’ve gone for a fantastic selection of tunes from stage and screen, popular songs that are sure to have everyone singing along. We can’t wait!

More information and tickets on sale via the choir or at Primrose Nurseries, Asmall Lane. 

2013 ————————————

Sing for Victory… at Sunshine!

We had the joy of reprising the Sing for Victory set for the final time on 4th, after touring it around three of the care homes in the area. Finally it was time for our friends and family to get to hear the music we had been working so hard on for so long! A packed Royal British Legion in Burscough were treated to the same wonderful mix of war time melodies, and we were delighted to welcome back Ormskirk School of Dance to perform their two numbers again. Everybody enjoyed the nostalgia, singing with gusto to Tipperary and Pack up your Troubles, and emotions ran high as we topped the evening off with We’ll Meet Again. It’s been a wonderful ten months with that very special set, thank you once more to the BBC Performing Arts Fund for making it possible. And now… bring on Christmas!!!

Sing for Victory!- Press Release, 22nd July 2013

Ormskirk Civic Hall came alive on Saturday afternoon as ReSound Community Choir hosted ‘Sing for Victory’, an afternoon of war time nostalgia. Guests from eight care homes and other local groups were treated to a wonderful afternoon of music, dance and a home- made afternoon tea. The hall was beautifully decorated in the war time theme, with gas mask boxes, singer sewing machines and posters advising housewives to be ‘home by four’. The choir were joined by members of Ormskirk School of Dance, who performed a tap dance and a swing number, and the Sax Haven quartet who played a selection of wartime tunes through the interval. 

The event was partially funded by a BBC Performing Arts Grant that the choir were successful in obtaining last September. The BBC Performing Arts Fund is a charity committed to developing new performing arts talent from across the UK. Since its inception in 2003 the Fund has awarded over £4m to aspiring musicians and talented performing arts individuals and community groups. The grant paid for extensive training for the choir, including trips to the Royal Northern College of Music and workshops with Sense of Sound Choir in Liverpool. It also covered the cost of the Civic Hall and contributed to other costs of the day- the rest was paid for by members of the choir.

The day included many well-known songs, from ‘Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree’ to ‘The White Cliffs of Dover’ and ‘Keep the Home Fires Burning’. An area laid out like a war time pub hosted the Home Guard singing ‘Underneath the Arches’, and smaller groups of the choir sang ‘Mister Sandman’ and ‘A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square’. The guests all had rations books with their names on from which they tore their raffle ‘coupon’ for a draw in the interval. They were also served a beautiful afternoon tea by members of the choir, who adopted a table to look after throughout the event.

The invited audience were delighted with the day, even giving the choir their first standing ovation! The choir members heard many tales about growing up during that difficult time as memories were unlocked and stories shared. ‘We’ll Meet Again’ proved to be the most emotional moment as many remembered sad times over the years, but ‘Run Rabbit Run’ and ‘It’s a Long Way to Tipperary’ were sung by everyone with gusto! The staff at the care homes were moved by the way the residents responded; some who were usually reluctant to communicate or participate came alive after hearing the music from their past.

Choir leader Sarah Monteith explained why the day had been such a success. “This has been a real community event, and has captured exactly the feeling people had in the war of coming together to make things happen, especially with music which was such an important way to keep people’s spirits up. Everyone has been so generous with their time and money, from those responsible for the Civic Hall right through to the homes bringing their residents, and of course the BBC to whom we’re really grateful. The choir have been outstanding, working incredibly hard to learn their words, make their own costumes and prepare food, flowers and other decorations for the day. I’m really proud of them all.”

The choir will be performing the same set at three of the care homes over the summer, and will be staging another event in October, this time for a paying audience, including the choir’s own families, most of whom haven’t seen it yet! More details will be available on the choir’s website, www.resoundchoir.com and to learn more about what the BBC Performing Arts Fund does and how to apply please visit the website www.bbc.co.uk/performingartsfund.

Sing for Victory!
A-May-Sing 2013

In mid 2012, the choir leaders were considering the big events for the following year. One thing the choir have always loved doing is singing for groups of older people, and we have had an ongoing relationship with a care home in Southport, Henshaw’s, which has always been a highlight of our year.

We decided to see if we could expand this idea further, and put on a concert for a lot of the care homes in the area. Afternoon tea seemed a logical choice, as did the songs that were so familiar from the second world war.

At the same time, the BBC Performing Arts Fund were advertising their Community Music Scheme, offering to expand the reach and skills of local community music groups. ReSound applied for a grant, and a couple of months later heard they’d been successful. The BBC grant has paid for many things besides the event- the training especially has been incredible, and all of the choir have greatly benefited.

Saturday 20th July sees the culmination of months of work by members and friends of the choir. The concert will be at Ormskirk Civic Hall, and will see two hundred older members of the community, many from local care homes, coming together for an afternoon of wonderful war-time tunes. ReSound will be joined by local groups Ormskirk School of Dance and The Sax Haven Quartet, and will showcase performances from the newly formed men’s group (the Home Guard!) the young voices, an expanded smaller group (Reflect) and of course the whole choir in full voice. The Skelmersdale Air Cadets will be helping to host.

The choir will then be taking the event on the road to three or four local homes over the summer, then performing it all over again for their friends and families in October!


Posters, ration books, scones, jam, air force uniforms, clips from Dad’s army… an endless list of things will come together to make an exciting and memorable afternoon for all our lovely guests. Thank you to everyone who has worked so hard to make  it possible!

2012 ————————————

A-May-Sing 2012- a concert of two halves!

Firstly, we went to the Curry Leaf Cottage. Choir member and trustee Jan Thomas takes up the story…
Several months of rehearsals finally came to fruition on Wednesday 9 May, when we performed our 2012 A-May-Sing set at the Curry Leaf Cottage restaurant in Burscough. Friends and family gathered to hear an eclectic mix of songs including folk tunes, musical numbers and a few ‘modern’ melodies to spice things up.

The evening started well with a champagne reception provided by Moh –  the restaurant’s owner – which helped to calm our last minute nerves and put everyone in a relaxed mood to enjoy the evening’s entertainment.  This was a first performance for some of our newer members and they were eager to get started, especially as they all had their solo spots to look forward to (or dread!).  The first half flew by as we eased our way through songs such as Dream a Little Dream, I Wish I Knew How and we even managed to ‘wail’ in time at the required point in Early One Morning!  As usual, Reflect were on top form and sang a beautiful version of That’s the Way it Goes with Shaun throwing in a little Bing Crosby style crooning along the way.

During the interval Moh did us proud with a selection of mouth-watering curries and side dishes followed by tasty desserts.  An unexpected power-cut provided a challenge in the second half but everyone rose to it admirably, using phones, candles and torches to read their words and music (I’m sure there is a moral about learning words in there somewhere!)  The highlight of the night had to be the men’s rendition of There is Nothing Like a Dame which they attacked with great gusto – the only thing missing were the sailor outfits.  The girls followed by donning leis and adopting American accents to sing I’m Gonna Wash that Man, with Elsie giving it her all in her solo spot.  The half finished with the traditional māori song Now is the Hour and the moving words and melody added to the candlelit atmosphere.  It was the perfect song with which to end the evening.

This was a new venture for the choir and it proved to be a great success. It provided the opportunity for choir members new and old to get to know each other better in a relaxed atmosphere while raising funds towards the choir’s running costs. A fantastic £767 was raised on the night.  Big thanks have to go out to Moh and his staff for providing us with some delicious food and for looking after us so well throughout the evening.  We will now be taking the set ‘on the road’ and throughout the coming months will be performing at venues including Scarisbrick Village Hall, Henshaw’s and St Mary’s junior school.  A busy but enjoyable time awaits us all.

Georgia Lloyd, another member of the choir, also wrote her thoughts about the evening…
The Curry leaf cottage restaurant in Burscough showcased an exquisite dish on their menu on Wednesday 9th May. It was a combination of beautiful aromatic spices and the sought after community resound choir, oh yes! A specially added ingredient that will continue linger on the taste buds for a very long time to come.

The ReSound Community Choir delivered such sweet song to the guest’s tables, complimenting exquisite food and wooing the audience with their enchanting voices, instruments and charming them by candlelight. With the exceptionally, talented lady herself Sarah Monteith, conducting and teasing her orchestra to such brilliance. (I didn’t even pay her to say that! Ed.)

This is definitely an event not to be missed for the future and it is meaning full with a definite purpose, for charity.

What a delight to the senses, a dish that I would recommend everyone to experience.

Secondly we had a wonderful family afternoon in the grounds of Scarisbrick Village Hall. Audience member Robert Law describes the day…

Saturday May 12 2012, 50th birthday of Emilio Estevez, star of The Breakfast club and, more importantly, the day for a gig at Scarisbrick Village Hall.

The day was warm and sunny, promising a great time to be had at Resound Community Choir’s A-May-Sing gig. The venue was brilliant and Karl had setup a ginormous blow up Greek style stage as a backdrop for the choir on the playing fields which filled up very quickly. I’m sure all the young ones (and a few of the older ones) enjoyed the additional pleasures of playground rides and kickabouts.

After a few hiccoughs involving shortages of leads and a mad dash home by Choir Director Sarah the show was underway with Everything is Beautiful featuring a solo by John with the full choir. As the song ended a small plane flew across the blue sky and fluffy clouds and everything was indeed beautiful. Celia was doing the rounds with a “simple quiz” for fun and it proved to myself Jean and Dan that we knew next to nothing about the world of dogs. It was a pure fluke that we knew Husky, Labrador and Chihuha with other answers such as sheep, pig, Ben and Bill being discounted for some reason. It was about this time that the gentle sounds of an angle grinder, possibly an electric saw came drifting over the fence; however nothing could compete with the beautiful strains of the full choir Dreaming a little Dream. It was a sweet arrangement with the perfect harmonies of the ladies with the underlying male voices.

As we tucked into our picnic basket of goodies we were entranced by the young voices with El Condor Pasa, unfortunately a little drowned by electric tools, but even so it was extremely accomplished. Three of the young voices were taking part in the Race for Life next day along with some of the ladies and hopefully a large sum was raised. 

Sean started practicing his number skills with the mics, 1,2 his limit but after a few aaahs and with the ladies (including Mark) gathering round at Sean’s request we were treated to the joys of the four piece Reflect, (Celia, Sarah, Mark and Sean) being in The Mood For Love, always melodic and moving. This was quickly followed by a ham sandwich with mustard, oops, I mean the full choir, Down in the River accompanied by Fred Smith on angle grinder. Fortunately Fred didn’t spoil the pleasure given by ReSound’s dulcet tones and the ham sandwiches.

Up next was Reflect again with a great rendition of That’s the Way it Goes. I’d not heard before but it was so good that I didn’t even notice the boiled egg and cheese roll Jean had slid onto my plate. Early One Morning quickly followed with the adult voices, an intricate blend of harmonies that promises to be a firm favourite, just like a “dope” performance of the next number from the adult voices with lots of great solos by almost everyone in the choir, a Perfect Day.

Next minute we entered a time capsule with a haunting melody perfectly played on piano by Sean. I’m sure the field was full of Barry Norman memories along with the titles for Film 72 to Film 98. Yes it was the melody everyone knows but not the words, I Wish I Knew How. I can hear you all humming it but the words are a little sketchy. This was a superb way to finish the first half and an enthusiastic performance by all.

Then we had a rousing chorus of happy birthday for Beth, Heather’s daughter, or no, Celia’s daughter , no Heather’s sister, well a very nice young lady who put us all in our place with the dog names of Dalmatians, Collie, Cockatoo, Labradoodles and made us realise our deficiencies. Great fun!

After the interval we were in the South Seas being invaded by sailors who romped on to the stage and brought the house down with a classic rendition of Nothing Like a Dame. The “boys” performing obviously missed their calling and showed their delight in dressing up in hats and flowers. Not to be outdone the “girls” were up next with Wash That Man, solo by Elsie and it rocked the foundations of the stage and practically “washed the men right up”. Great fun.

The young voices were not to be outdone and with garlands and attitude they delighted us all with Happy Talk despite the mics being set for the giraffes who didn’t turn up anyway. Very well sung. We were sailing along next on an atmospheric Moonlight Bay, with ukulele by Mark and great fiddle by Rafe. Then it was an unexpected interval as the backing tracks were playing up. After some time and with Sean “getting angry” and perhaps relieving the tension with a glimpse of Mr Blue Sky on piano the backing track was dropped and it seemed to make little difference to the adult voices singing of Isla Bonita which was great entertainment.

Within a short time Reflect were back up with Old Cape Cod, a well rehearsed and beautifully delivered favourite of mine. The adult voices were all on standby and went into a great mashup which really shouldn’t have worked but turned out extraordinarily. It was Rio mashed with Teardrop sustained by Dr Beat and it was genius, an inspiration with some really cool mixing, and some snappy guitar by Mark. This was undoubtedly the highlight of the day for me to bring these two diverse songs together and produce something magical with the gravitas of Teardrop and the bouncing joy of Rio. 

Second to last song the young voices came in with a sweet little song , Isa Lei, uke played by Mark and percussion by all the young voices and Trevor. The afternoon was rounded off by a very soothing Now is The Hour and ended an eventful but enjoyable afternoon in the sun with a warm and vibrant community choir that certainly pulls a lot of people together.

Second Update! Once again we took our A-May-Sing! set to Thomas Henshaw Court in Southport. We, and they, had a wonderful evening, singing along with all the songs we performed, and playing our usual ‘guess the song from the intro’ game with John! This time I experimented with filming the set, and although I managed to completely chop off the boys, the results aren’t too bad! You can see them on our youtube channel. After the singing we all went to the beach at Ainsdale where our resident photographer, Trevor Hilton, took some wonderful photographs which you can see if you have a facebook account by going here (the Henshaw ones) and here (the beach ones.) We’re really grateful to Trevor, they’re beautiful photographs. Finally we all piled back to the pub for a few pints. What a lovely night!

Update! for A-May-Sing 2011! Well… that was interesting!! The rain pretty much stayed away but the wind didn’t, making for an interesting afternoon of holding things down and huddling up to keep warm. The choir performed brilliantly under extremely trying conditions, and we raised more than enough to pay our costs for the coming year, so that’s great! We managed to get everything packed up before the heavens opened so under the conditions, I hereby declare the event a success ha!

You can check out the summer set at a couple of events over the next month or two… I’ll post dates when I have them.

A few thanks… Thank you to E & D for the loan of their beautiful field and for letting us tramp all over it! Thanks for all the work you, K, N and K did putting the signs up, sorting the toilets and the rubbish and everything else you did to make the day such a success!

Thank you to Jan and Jan for sorting out all the food, and to Jan T, Gill, Albie and Dave for manning the food station!

Thank you also to Jan C for the treasure hunt, and to Kate for agreeing to be the ‘victim’!

Thank you to Ricky and Paula for the loan of the absolutely essential marquee, and for the team who slaved away putting it up Friday night and re-putting it up Saturday!!!

Thank you to Fran and Paula for sterling sales techniques on the raffle ticket sales, and to all of you who provided prizes.

I know there are thanks to be said for the loan of the giant bbq, and for the fantastic price we got on the burgers and sausages, but I’m not sure of names so I’ll post those thanks when I know who they’re to!!

Thank you to Peter for organising all the sound, and to Shaun, John, Trevor, Rafe, Mark and Ted for fetching all the gear.

I am absolutely BOUND to have missed someone or something out- please, let me know and I’ll add it to the list, any oversight is entirely accidental and due to my brain not functioning at full power still!!

Well done to all the soloists- Celia, Sarah, Elsie, John and Connor- you were absolutely great in very difficult circumstances!!

Finally, thanks to you all, ReSound Community Choir, for all you do and for all your support. There has never been a time when this choir hasn’t felt like the community it is supposed to be, and for that I’m really grateful.

Sarah x


A-May-Sing 2011!
In a complete departure from the very squashed atmosphere of the previous A-May-Sing, we’re going to be holding this one in a field!! Yes, our very first outdoor A-May-Sing will take place on the 21st May at a very secret location in Halsall. Once again this will be a fundraiser for the choir’s own funds, and will be by invite only!

We’ll be singing a fantastic mix of music, and there will be treasure hunts, quizzes and all manner of madness. You’ll need to bring some seating, maybe even a gazebo if it looks like r**n, and a picnic- we’ll be selling burgers and sausages from our barbeque to go with it all!

If you think you’d like to join us for this event, then drop me a line and I’ll let you know the details. You can download the flyer and invitation here A-May-Sing Invite

If you don’t catch us at this one we’ll be singing the A-May-Sing set at a few events over the summer- we’ll keep you posted on our Events page!

See you soon!!

2010 ———————————— 
Second Update! What a privilege as always to take our music to Thomas Henshaw Court in Southport. On a very warm evening two weeks after the original gig, keeping the set (almost) the same, we sang to around twenty five residents and staff, many of whom enjoyed joining in! We were also delighted to have our first encore request, and dutifully performed ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ all over again for a very pleased audience member! The ice creams were most welcome at the end, and we look forward to bringing our next set there in the near future!

Update! A fantastic evening, a little crowded (!) but a lot of fun! We raised around £150 which is brilliant, and will keep our rehearsal room and printing going for a while! Thank you to everyone who helped make it such a success. Photographs will be posted in the near future, I hope!

The set list was as follows…

Down in the River
Everything is Beautiful
‘Til There was You
You Raise Me Up
Dream a Little Dream
In My Room
The Nearness of You
I Have a Dream
Can You Feel the Love Tonight?
Cry Me a River
The Water is Wide
Fix You
The Way You Look Tonight
I’m in the Mood
I’ll be There
Bridge Over Troubled Water


Well we’ve been raising all this lovely money for all these fantastic charities, but none for ourselves!

So to keep up the printing, rehearsal and other running costs, we’re doing just a very small scale gig in the room upstairs at the Red Lion in Newburgh. Only sixty tickets, £2 each, with good company, a great atmosphere and hopefully some amazing singing!
More info on ticket sales to follow…

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